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“To my ears, the music is organic and captures the sound of talented musicians coming together. There’s a mix of Americana, folk and other like-minded genres on this album. Fans of Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens and the soft side of the Eagles will enjoy this collection.”

Heather Savage
Top Buzz Magazine

Tom and Kate singing at cafe with sign on the wall says, "Trail Sidecafe".
“When Kate Miller joined Tom Faia to make music things got even more interesting, not only in live performances but on the new album “Stay Away from the Flame.” Miller’s rich vocals add to and complement Faia’s songwriting and the experience couldn’t be more joyful.”

Beth Peerless
Monterey Herald

Tom and Kate performing in a pub behind a wooden railing
“Their vocals are a blend of sweet and smoky. Tom Faia’s voice has a natural deep throaty gravel that is complemented by Kate Miller’s soft touch. Discovering this duo and their unique interlocking voices was a great surprise, and the fact that they write great songs was a huge bonus. Give them a listen.”

Dino DiMuro

Tom Faia and Kate Miller singing. Tom is playing guitar.
“With musical influences that span the early rock and roll years of the 50s and the classic era of the great singer-songwriter albums of the early 70s, there’s a richness to this album which should find fans across the folk/Americana/singer-songwriter genres.”

Darren Johnson
Darren’s Music Blog
Hastings, UK

Tom Faia, Kate Miller, and Vince Sanchez on drums.
“You guys have worked your way into our minds. People up here love you. The feedback has been great and you really have an amazing sound.”

Joey Ward
Abbott Square Marketplace
Santa Cruz, CA

Tom Faia and Kate Miller singing.

“This is a recording that captures so many of life’s ups and downs, wrapped up beautifully in ten memorable well produced songs. The vocals are sincere and unforced. Both Tom and Kate are expressive without ever competing for the spotlight.”

Luke Wolk
Radio Guitar One

Kate Miller and Tom Faia seated outdoors performingl

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